Thursday, 11 September 2014

So in the last couple of days some Christian fundamentalists have decided to question my academic qualifications and experience. What have they based this on? You'll love this - because I said that I didn't agree that a cell is literally full of computers. Yes, you read it correctly, LITERALLY full of computers. This was during a discussion with a presuppositional fundamentalist when I tried to explain some of the biochemistry within a cell. He actually believes that an analogy is supposed to be taken literally. He has concluded from this that I am lying about having a PhD in Biological Sciences. He has also concluded that I'm lying when I say that cells are not literally full of computers.

Now that idiocy is bad enough, but when confronted with a photograph of me clutching my thesis, he tries to deny ever saying that I don't have a PhD, then he calls me a fraud. He just can't seem to make up his mind which lie he wants to stick with so he's just trying a scatter gun approach, spewing his lies and lies about lies as far and wide as he can. Still, someone made a video absolutely busting him on his continuing lies and I thought that would be the end of the matter, aside from the inevitable butt-hurt whimpering from him as he ran off into the distance with his arse on fire.

You can imagine how I reacted when I came in today from spreading horse poop on my field to find that another toad had crawled out of the woodpile. He'd been spreading bullshit as I was spreading horse shit. This idiot goes by the name of Jason Burns and he is a home-grown lunatic from Manchester. He's pretty infamous on You Tube for pulling stunts such as covering himself in ketchup then making a video claiming he'd been attacked by "militant atheists" and another video where he claimed he had killed himself.

His videos today are an absolute gem of stupidity. He says he can find no academic publications by me and he failed to find my thesis. Two hours of googling and he had turned up nothing, nada, zero, zilch. Others, however, managed to find multiple hits to my thesis in under a minute. This should tell us two things. I have a PhD and Jason Burns couldn't run a google search if his life depended on it. Heck, he's probably not savvy enough to run a bath! He also failed to find a list of my peer-reviewed publications. In his video he demands that I provide the evidence which he is so sure doesn't exist and he makes the prediction, nay the prophecy, that I will be "exposed" as someone who knows a little about biology and who has read a few biology books. Sadly for this clown, there is a Google Scholar page which lists my publications thus destroying his prophecy and exposing him for the lying scum bag that he is.

Now, you would think it was game over at this point, but oh no, Jason can't be seen to have spent almost 30 minutes being a slanderous git. When I posted the link to my Google Scholar page in the comments section of his You Tube video, he removed it within a minute or two. He then "muted" me on his channel so that none of my comments will show for anyone else. In other words, Jason is prepared to hide the evidence that he demanded because it shows just how wrong he is.

He has apparently decided to leave You Tube and so made a goodbye video, then another...then another...then another. In all he produced 11 goodbye videos whining about all sorts of fictional nonsense. After that, he decided to become active in video comments sections, having first disabled the ability of anyone to reply to his comments. That's not really surprising since dear Jaybu regularly disables comments under his own videos. This is the first video in his 11 part goodbye series. You'll find the other 10 parts on his channel

Imagine my surprise to discover last night that he has made another four videos. The first three seem to be mainly directed at me and he is still convinced that I don't have a PhD. He says I can't be an academic because this little blog of mine right here isn't academic. In fact in his first series of videos he claims that this blog demonstrates I don't have the intellectual capacity to have a PhD at all. Here's part 1 and parts 2, 3 and 4 are on his channel.

Jason considers himself to be an academic with, and I kid you not, "immense scholarship". He demands that everyone have "formal, scholarly, academic debates with him", but then runs away if anyone accepts the challenge. He calls everyone a coward for not debating him then refuses those who do offer to debate him. And then calls them a coward. Oh and he challenges people to debates by name in videos on You Tube and if they don't show, he declares he has "won" them. That they might not have seen his challenge doesn't seem to enter his tiny mind. This "academic" with "immense scholarship" seriously believes that you can judge someone's academic achievements based on their blog posts. It truly amazes me that he is ignorant of the fact that people can blog about whatever they want to blog about. I could have posts on here about the best way to construct a good muck heap or the annual worming schedule for horses or how fast my cats can climb the curtains. You see, most people don't define themselves by their academic achievements. They are more rounded, they have other interests, they have hobbies, they have families, they do things unrelated to their profession. I can only assume that this doesn't apply to Jaybu and so he drones on and on and on about his "immense scholarship" and the fact that he considers himself to be in the top 5 of the world's intellectual theologians - all this from the sanctuary of his auntie's box room.

Here is a fine example of his "immense scholarship" in action